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Teiko Global Equity FX Fund
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Since 2006

Teiko Global Equity FX Fund

Teiko Global Equity FX Fund is a global investment vehicle that selects an universe of financial instruments

consisting of large-cap stocks and the world’s most liquid currency crosses.










The Fund

“We have developed a system of control and monitoring of those stocks that meet a number of specific characteristics based on our model.”


“We trade within a model developed over 10 years that looks for inefficiencies in price formation always trading the most liquid currency pairs …”


“On a daily basis, new portfolio positions are opened and closed, maintaining available liquidity to take advantage of new opportunities …”                    


Legal Features:


  • Legal Form: Teiko Equity Fx Global Fund SCSP
  • ISIN: LU2168654304
  • Portfolio manger: Teiko Asset Management Sàrl.
  • Central Administrator: Banque Patrimoine Privés S A
  • Audit: Deloitte Audit Sàrl
  • Transfer Agent: Banque Patrimoines Privés S A


Subcription Features:


  •  Option A: Client can subscribe the fund directly from his bank, placing a buy order over the  ISIN: LU2168654304  reference, that position will be reflected in the same bank account where the funds are deposited.
  • Option B: Subscribe directly with the Transfer Agent, Banque Patrimoines Privés and carry out the subscription process following their requirements.

Teiko Asset Management Sàrl, will not receive, hold or manage the funds of clients outside the Teiko Global Equity Fund vehicle.






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