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The Teiko Global Equity FX Fund is a global investment vehicle that selects a universe of financial instruments consisting of large-cap stocks and the world’s most liquid currency crosses.

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Portfolio Composition


Since 2006


The strategy plans to divide the portfolio into 3 basic pillars. Stocks, Currencies, Liquidity.


We have developed a system of control and monitoring of those stocks that meet a number of specific characteristics based on our model. Using all the power of analysis provided by the Bloomberg Professional Services tool and its applications, through Excel and Mat lab we achieve a daily ranking of those securities in our universe that are likely to generate value in the day or the rigorous short term.

We select stocks with a market capitalization of more than 10,000 MM euros as well as a cash coefficient of more than 1,000 MM euros. In this way, we guarantee to get a counterpart at every moment of the position execution.
By using a certain amount of leverage, which is always less than 3 times, we are able to generate returns from small movements in stocks with a much higher expected path potential.
In this way we try to maintain the exposure to the market as short as possible, being the liquidity the most precious risk-free asset within the portfolio.


We trade within a model developed over 10 years that looks for inefficiencies in price formation always trading the most liquid currency pairs such as EURUSD, GPBUSD, GBPJPY, USDJPY, EURJPY.
Through analysis algorithms based on known patterns, we generate market entry signals by monitoring the opportunities offered by the different pairs, but always making decisions manually to avoid potential errors in the changes of the market environment in relation to automatic trading.


On a daily basis, new portfolio positions are opened and closed, maintaining available liquidity ratio over 50%, to take advantage of new opportunities or satisfy dividend payments as well as monthly liquidity windows.

“One of the main characteristics of our fund, unlike large management firms, is that we can detect and modify any strategy that is generating tracking error against our objective quickly, correcting the direction or the asset without the need to breach the investment objective of the fund, selecting new underlying or investment ideas that return us to the model.”







Risk rating profile 5/6 only available for professional clients.

The Fund is limited to a reduce number of investors.

Minimum investment ticket 500.000€.

2 type of shares available, accumulation and distribution:

  • Class A: Accumulate profit.
  • Class B: 0.75% monthly Dividend

Special Class Cubri Global Strategy:

Monthly dividend: 1%
Perfomance fee: 9%
Management fee: 2%
Hurdle rate: 9%




Management fee: 2,5% yearly

Perfomance fee:

  • Class A: 15%
  • Class B: 20% over the profit after dividend paid.

Perfomance Fee calculated after 3% of profit.





Legal Features:


  • Legal Form: Teiko Equity Fx Global Fund SCSP
  • ISIN: LU2168654304
  • Portfolio manger: Teiko Asset Management Sàrl.
  • Central Administrator: Banque Patrimoine Privés S A
  • Audit: Deloitte Audit Sàrl
  • Transfer Agent: Banque Patrimoines Privés S A


Subcription Features:


  •  Option A: Client can subscribe the fund directly from his bank, placing a buy order over the ISIN: LU2168654304  reference, that position will be reflected in the same bank account where the funds are deposited.
  • Option B: Subscribe directly with the Transfer Agent, Banque Patrimoines Privés and carry out the subscription process following their requirements.

Teiko Asset Management Sàrl, will not receive, hold or manage the funds of clients outside the Teiko Global Equity Fund vehicle.






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